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Activities during your Komodo liveaboard cruise

Diving in the Komodo National Park, Indonesia

Perjuangan 1 & 2 diving cruise offers an unrivaled underwater spectacle thanks to the amazing local biodiversity of the Komodo National Park. A Komodo diving holiday is a chance to discover more than 1,000 species of fish, including manta rays, reef sharks, giant trevally, tunas, turtles… not to mention smaller fry such as pygmy seahorses, toadfish, nudibranches, orangutan crabs and plenty more besides. The Komodo seabed is a riot of color with a wide variety of corals and crinoids. During diving cruise in Komodo National Park, dives are supervised by a qualified instructor.

Snorkeling in one of the meccas of snorkeling

On a Komodo boat charter holiday in this unspoiled Komodo national park, snorkeling is the water-based leisure activity par excellence and anyone can enjoy it. With mask and snorkel, you can observe a huge number of marine species, including octopuses, seahorses and sea urchins, all living in this extraordinary coral reef. During your Komodo cruise you’ll discover some of the planet’s most beautiful underwater landscapes at a depth of barely a few meters.

Free diving, beginner to advanced level

Free diving lets you push your physical and mental limits with qualified instructors. A combination of relaxation, flexibility and performance, free diving is a great way to discover the riches of the Komodo seabed and feel in perfect harmony with nature.

Fishing on the edge of Indonesia’s Komodo National Park

If you wish, you can also go fishing in wonderful spots where bream, tuna and barracuda await you.

Spearfishing around the Komodo National Park

During your Komodo cruise, why not try your hand at spearfishing? This activity is only possible by the edge of the park, it’s a great way to explore the seabed and magnificent coral reefs. We’ll provide you with top class, new equipment suitable for your size, and can assure you plenty of surprises.

Trekking on Rinca and Komodo islands

During your Komodo tour, you can trek to the very summit of the islands to savor the breathtaking views. In the company of local guides, you can also take a leisurely stroll through lush vegetation worthy of Jurassic Park. As you explore the exotic locations, you’ll get the chance to see legendary Komodo dragons and their huge nests, wild buffaloes, gray monkeys, giant bats and a multitude of astonishing animals. Learn more about the famous Komodo Dragon.

Tow Surfing at Gili Lawa Darat, Komodo National Park

This board-sport, a mixture of water skiing and snowboarding, is great fun, easy to learn and suitable for all ages and levels. It’s also the best way to get close to the dolphins of the Komodo National Park.

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