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Flores / Labuan Bajo

Flores, Lesser Sunda Islands, Indonesia

Flores Island, one of Indonesia’s most beautiful and fascinating islands

Flores is a long island that’s home to some of the world’s best kept secrets. One of Indonesia’s Lesser Sunda Islands (Nusa Tenggara), it lies east of Sumbawa and west of the Solor Archipelago. Having been in the shadow of its more famous neighbor Bali for some time, the island of Flores is emerging as a unique destination of its own.

Visit Flores Island, Lesser Indonesian Sunda Islands

The interior of this virtually pristine island is shaped by a chain of volcanoes. The highlight for visitors is Mount Kelimutu, a site close to the small town of Monito between Ende and Maumere. There, you can trek up the volcano, see multi-colored crater-lakes of acidic volcanic water, swim in natural pools with waterfalls as a backdrop, enjoy a meal and mingle with the locals, amidst views of lush paddy fields and smoking volcanic mountains. After visiting the lair of the Komodo dragons on Dragon Island (Pulau Komodo) or Rinca Island, get ready to marvel at some of the wonders of Flores. On your Indonesia islands cruise, you can snorkel off various amazing sites and dive at one of 80 spectacular dive sites. The Komodo islands’ dive spots are well-known to world class divers, as the Komodo National Park’s reserve offers a tropical diving paradise. Swim in unspoiled lakes and waterfalls, do some kayaking through the mangroves and craggy landscapes, explore caves and see how the friendly local people live. Diving Indonesia: Labuan Bajo is a modest area for diving, but excellent for snorkeling. Visit traditional villages and stay with the local families while taking part in eco-friendly activities like bird watching, trekking and local dances, and maybe enjoy a dip in a waterfall pool. Flores is a place for adventure, diving, eco-tours, and mountain climbing interspersed with visits to prehistoric heritage sites, traditional villages and cultural events. A chain of volcanoes stretches the length of this 450 km long and narrow island, creating complicated V-shaped valleys and knife-edged ridges – terrain that was near impenetrable until recently and has separated the island into many distinct ethnic groups.

Labuan Bajo, cruise gateway to the Komodo islands

On the westernmost tip of the island of Flores, the charming fishing village of Labuan Bajo sits peacefully. The local economy is based around the port and the tourist trade, but over 65% of its income comes from agriculture. Sumba, Flores and Timor’s agricultural lifestyle is reflected in the simplicity of its people and their vibrant cultures. Labuan Bajo’s hotel infrastructure is expanding to meet the steadily growing tourist traffic. On the main street, there are many shops ranging from fashion boutiques to unique gift and souvenir stores, travel agencies, dive operators, local and international restaurants and currency exchanges.

The port of Labuan Bajo, currently being expanded, is the largest on the island of Flores, and all the boats based there sail to the neighboring islands. The main destination from Labuan Bajo is of course the Komodo National Park, which includes over 80 islands, and numerous dive spots that many claim to be the best diving in the world. The majority of tourists head to the unspoiled islands of the park, where our liveaboard boat will take you in just an hour’s sailing time. This exceptional location boasts extraordinary marine biodiversity, and the Komodo National Park is ideal for enjoying the variety of activities available on all of our Indonesia cruises, including snorkeling and diving in sites of unparalleled beauty.

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